AliveChat Desktop Update!

Chatting with your valued customers and capturing website leads just got a lot easier. 2017 Refresh of AliveChat Desktop app for Windows and Mac is now available.


The v3 update was built for seamless integration with both Windows & MAC OS and allows for even more customization. Also, gone are the days of admins needing log in via web browser as arguably the biggest addition of the latest edition of AliveChat is that the app provides direct access to Administrators.

As more users today are increasing their usage of web-based applications, the AliveChat Desktop allows better accessibility and helps stand out from all the browser bookmark clutter.

For users who are having issues with Internet Explorer – this is the solution.  It’s build on top of the Chromium engine which means you get the modern browser experience of Chrome without installing it.

What’s New:

  • Seamless installation across Windows and Mac platforms
  • Administrators and Operators with Admin Rights now have the ability to log in
  • Backsplash/Wallpapers

The v3 AliveChat app is available for download now and can be found exclusively on WebsiteAlive.

Handy Shortcuts:

CTRL + 1 = change wallpaper
CTRL + 2 = adjust background opacity