Service Status – OK


Current System Status – OK

3/1/17 – Currently all issues have been resolved. Delays were caused by a node affected by Amazon’s outage. If you are on AliveTracker v2, please upgrade to the latest version of AliveTracker v3, as some instances of v2 are not fully functional.

On 2/28/2017, our data center provider, Amazon Web Services, suffered a major outage within S3 and several backend services which affected WebsiteAlive and many other applications across the web. Specifically for WebsiteAlive users, there were issues with image hosting, uploads, chat performance degradation, and AliveTracker issues. Everything at the moment has been resolved. If you are still having issues please contact us at

Login/Authentication: Resolved
AliveChat: Resolved
AliveDial: OK
AliveTracker: OK
Reporting: OK
Email System: OK
Mobile: OK
Billing: OK
WordPress: OK